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Reading Notes 2012-04-30

You will find below different links to the blog or Web site which kept Matricis' bloggers interest during the week ending on April, 30th.



  • Code First model builder versions (Arthur Vickers) – This post explains how to configure EF code first to avoid any breaking code when updating the framework to a newer version. Nice work.
  • Créer son propre Gem et le publier – Very nice tutorial (in French) that explains in detail with a simple case how to create and also publish a Ruby Gem. 


  • 5 Tricks for a Killer Company Blog – Five simple tips to get started blogging in a business perspective.
  • Hit the Presentation Sweet Spot – Twenty minutes is very short. Maybe it is a good idea for a specific type of presentation… How do you plan a 2-3 formation?
  • Your Personal Brand as a Developer: Implementing (Part 2 of 2) (Jonathan Rozenblit) – Part 2 on an unusual topic but important. Our brand, as a person. On the internet everything is amplified and could be seen by a lot of people very quickly. A post to read "before it is too late".
  • Coping with Email Overload (Peter) – This could be a good advice for a lot of people. While I'm working on a project where co-workers are across the country, I am not sure I can do this but maybe tweaking it with rules for only those people.


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