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Reading Notes 2012-04-09

You will find below different links to the blog or Web site which kept Matricis' bloggers interest during the week ending on April, 9th.


[…]cost efficiency doesn’t equate to cheap or even free. You can determine the cost to be efficient when the equation can’t be changed to reduce cost without also reducing the services or functionality—meaning[…]



  • I'm Sure It Will Only Take You A Few Days To Code – Interesting, I didn't think our usual or natural sensor to estimate the complexity of something cannot be used when it comes to estimate software… but it makes sense!
  • What geeks need to tell our parents about shopping online safely and securely (Scott Hanselman) – Nice post. read this post than go talk to your parent, uncle, brothers and sisters all those people that call you when they did nothing but the PC doesn't works anymore… 😉

    […]HTTPS (SSL) doesn’t mean “I can trust this site,” it means “this conversation is private.” You still might be having a private conversation with Satan. – Scott Hanselman Trust[…]


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