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Streaming Xml Transformations

Introduction In a previous article, I presented a set of classes that can be used to help writing BizTalk pipeline components using streaming. These classes were useful in non-XML contexts, to transform character/byte streams. However, it was less suited for XML-to-XML transformations.  These transformations can usually be done using tools (suite…)

Orchestration Maintainability Practices

Introduction Microsoft BizTalk Server orchestrations essentially allow running a sequence of steps in a process, which can involve several systems. Orchestrations can quickly get hard to understand and maintain because of various sources of complexity, as shown below. This article describes a few practices, in addition to ones that are (suite…)

Streaming pipelines

Introduction There's a consensus[1] in the BizTalk community that it’s a good practice to implement pipeline components with a streaming approach. This minimizes the use of memory, by avoiding having a copy of the whole message loaded by each component in a pipeline (which can be a problem for large (suite…)